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Hard Boiled Eggs – Perfect for Your Żurek Every time!

Over Cooked Hard Boiled Egg

Over Cooked Hard Boiled Egg

Avoid Hard Boiled Eggs with nasty green-gray ring around the yoke!

We want your eggs to be picture perfect every time, especially when presenting a wedge to your guests for good luck, a Polish Easter tradition.  Oh, yes and when making Polish Easter Soup  –  Żurek Wielkanocny.

Growing up do you remember eating hard boiled eggs at Easter that had dry yolks with an ugly green-gray ring around them surrounded by a rubbery egg white? 

Seems to many, cooking hard boiled eggs is more a mystery than science.  But we have been working hard in our test kitchens to find the perfect solution : E = mc2!

Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Truth be told it’s not rocket science, here is what to do!

Cook Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Every Time!

  • Place your eggs in a pot, cover with a few inches of  cool water, cook on high heat
  • Cover and remove from heat as soon as they come to a boil
  • Let sit 10 minutes
  • Pour off hot water and run cold water into pan until eggs are cooled
  • Drain and peel

Tip: Older eggs peel better than fresher eggs, so let them sit a week after buying and use before expiration date.


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