St. Patrick’s Day – Utica NY

St. Patrick’s Day – Utica NY

Corned Beef and Cabbage also known as boiled dinner is an American food creation.

Bacon and Cabbage is really the traditional Irish Dinner.

Say What?

That’s right!

Back in the day in Ireland, meat was not always available to a lot of people, and if it was, pork was the meat often found. Not having refrigeration the pork was made into bacon by curing it in a brine solution to preserve it. With the emigration to America, Irish families found that beef was readily available and affordable. Corned beef as we now it today was a product of traditional Irish food preparation. Beef was brined the way pork meat was to make bacon.

Instead of Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner on St. Patrick’s day, be more traditional this year and get a Pulaski Meat Market Homemade Daisy Ham.

The Pulaski Meat Market’s homemade Daisy Ham is pure mouth watering, tender, smoky goodness. The perfect meat to make Bacon and Cabbage for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

Daisy Ham makes a perfect Bacon & Cabbage Dinner.

Bacon & Cabbage Dinner Recipe
1 Pulaski Meat Market Daisy Ham
1 Savory or Green Cabbage
New Potatoes unpeeled
Baby Carrots
Pearl Onions
2 Cloves Garlic
2 Bay Leafs

Bring water to a boil add Daisy Ham, pepper corns, and bay leaf, simmer 40 minutes until ham is tender.

While ham is simmering remove outer cabbage leaves, quarter cabbage and remove core. Cut vegetables to size.

When Daisy Ham has cooked 40 minutes add garlic, celery, baby carrots, pearl onions, new potatoes, and cabbage.

Continue to cook until the vegetables are soft.

Drain and plate vegetables, slice Daisy Ham and serve with coarse mustard.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your Ham & Cabbage Dinner!

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