Polish Easter Pastries – Utica

Looking for Polish Easter Patries in Utica NY?

Polish Easter Cake
Polish Easter Cake

The Pulaski Meat Market in Utica NY has ready to serve pastries, cookies, and candies for your Easter celebration. Babka is a traditional Easter favorite and you can get Syrena’s Bakery’s famous Cheese Babka or Cheese Ring.

Chruściki or Angle’s Wings are a Polish pastry made of strips of fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar. Light and crispy they are homemade fresh at the Pulaski Market.

Polish Pastry

Chruściki - Angel Wings

Polish Poppy Seed Cake

Polish Poppy Seed Cake

Nothing says Polish pastry like Poppy Seed Cake, and you can buy a fresh poppy seed coffee cake everyday at the market.

If you love to bake, the market carries a large selection of imported Polish pastry fillings , jams , preserves, fruits, and baking aids.

Imported Polish Pastry Fillings

  • Poppy Seed – Masa Makowa
  • Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Apricot
  • Raspberry
  • Caramel
  • Fudge Caramel Coconut
  • Fudge caramel Creme
  • And More!

Cans of Imported Polish Pastry Fillings

Sernik – Polish Cheesecake is also always welcome. If you need baking ingredients or recipie ideas stop by at 1201 Lenox Ave, Utica NY or call (315) 732-8007, and you will get prompt freindly assistance.

Polish Cheesecake with Raisins

Polish Cheesecake - Sernik

Pulaski Meat Market Utica NY

Polish Easter Foods


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