St. Patrick’s Day Utica & National Corn Dog Day

On St Patrick’s Dayin Utica NY Hot Dogs and Green Beer Collide March 17th 2012.

It’s a confuence of events of epic proportions because this year National Corn Dog Day and St. Patrick’s Day fall on the same day.

This Year, Saturday March 17th is a celebration of both St Patrick’s Day & National Corn Dog Day. The Irish and American Irish culture celebrate this day with the display of green, parades, and the copious consumption of beer. Also this year, National Corn Dog Day falls on the same day, it’s a celebration of basketball (NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Championship), corn dogs, tater tots and beer.

They don’t call it March Madness for nothing!

It boggles the mind, parades with green floats, beer, Irish music, 7 to 8 hours of non stop college basketball viewed start to finish without changing a channel, corned beef & cabbage, tater tots, and lots and lots of corndogs!

In an effort to make sure everyone’s party has an ample supply of corn dogs, the Pulaski Meat Market in Utica NY is working overtime on the hot dog line to ensure you a steady supply of Utica’s best Hot Dogs.

When only the best will do, be sure to by for Pulaski Market’s hand crafted hot dogs with natural casing and the best ingredients available. You’ll know by the taste and the snap it’s a Pulaski in that corn dog.

Be sure to try Pulaski’s hommade Daisy Ham for your St Patrick’s boiled dinner. Corned Beef is popular but Bacon (Ham) and Cabbage was the real traditional Irish Dish.

Catch our Corn Dog Recipe here and get our St Patrick’s Day Recipe here.

Be sure to stop by at 1201 Lenox Ave Utica, NY or call us at 315-732-8007 and we’ll have your hot dogs and hams ready to roll!

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