Śledzie – Pickled Herring for Wigilia

Got to have your Śledzie for Wigilia In Utica ?

Jars of Śledzie - Pickled Herring in Display case

So you may be asking yourself where in Utica, NY can I find the best selection of imported Polish foods like Śledzie? At the Pulaski Meat Market we have a large variety of imported Polish and Homemade Traditional Polish Foods.

A staple dating back to Medieval times herrings were pickled, stored, and transported in wooden barrels. Rollmops are Pickled Herrings wrapped around things like onion, Polish Pickles, or olives in a cylindrical shape.

You can get your Śledzie or Pickled Herring for Wigilia in cream sauce, wine sauce, filets, or as rollmops.

Śledzie or Pickled Herring is a great source of Omega-3’s, so dig in and enjoy it does a body good!

Stop by the Pulaski Meat Market and we will be glad to show you all our Traditional Polish Foods like homemade Christmas Pierogi, Christmas Hams, Dried Mushrooms and of course Śledzie!

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