Our History

Bringing Tradional Polish Foods to Utica NY, a journey from Poland to Utica NY.

The Bulawa family has been putting smiles on the faces of people all over Central New York for over 41 years at the Pulaski Meat Market with the finest traditional Polish foods you can find anywhwere

John & Irene Bulawa purchased the Pulaski Meat Market in 1973 in Utica NY. But their desire to operate their own business started in 1966.

John Bulawa grew up working as a butcher in the area around Mielec, Poland in the 1940’s & 50’s. The period following WWII in Poland was a time of growth and innovation in the meat industry. To rebuild the country Poland relied on excellent products they could export, like coal, machinery, and quality meats. Polish butchers were known for making the world’s best cold cuts, hams, and meats with care and expertise.

After years as a successful butcher, John and Irene followed their dreams of coming to America for new opportunities. In April of 1966 with their four children, Grace, Gregory, Christine, and Vincent, they made way to the Polish port of Gdynia to board the Ocean Liner Stefan Batory to cross the Atlantic.

As a family of six they traveled to Buffalo, NY to be with family members Stella Gryko and her family. John continued to ply his craft at the famous Malecki Meats.

Malecki’s was known for the “best kielbasa ever made”, they called it their “Special Polish”. They were also famous for their hot dogs and a trademarked German Bologna ” Fleischermeister ®”.

After 7 years the Bulawa family was on the move again. In 1973 they purchased the Pulaski Meat Market, an established Polish Market in West Utica, NY. John brought his craft to Central New York bringing us the best meats, sausages, and traditional Polish Foods found anywhere until his passing in 1997. John & Irene working together with their children Grace, Christine, and Vincent, along with John’s sister Jane built a Utica landmark.

Vincent met his wife Barbara on a family trip to Poland in 1986. Shortly after Barbara traveled to America and they were married in 1987. Since then Barbara has also been part of the family’s business.

And still today, after 41 years Polish Traditions continue at the Pulaski Meat Market. After working years alongside his father, Vincent Bulawa, along with family members continues to bring the area the best Traditional Polish Meats and Foods available from recipes brought from Poland.