Easter Pierogi Utica

Easter Pierogi for sale in Utica NY makes a great Friday meal during Lent.

Easter Peirogi are available from the Puaski Meat Market in Utica NY, fresh every day!
Home Made and Hand Made the traditional way.

For meatless Fridays pierogi make the perfect meal. Just skip the meat pierogi!

Going Meatless on Fridays and Not fond of Gummy Bear Mashed Potatos?
No problem, call or stop by the Pulaski Meat Market in Utica, NY for some Pierogi.

Meatless Pierogi from The Pulaski Market for Lent and Easter

  • Potato & Cheese Pierogi
  • Saurkraut Pierogi
  • Blueberry Pierogi
  • Strawberry Pierogi
  • Cherry Pierogi
  • Cheese Pierogi
  • Apple Pierogi
  • Cabbage Pierogi

Pierogi Homemade Daily

Looking forward to enjoying Pierogi on Easter Day?

The Pulaski Market has tasty Potato, Bacon, & Onion Pierogi, Meat Pierogi, and Meat & Mushroom Pierogi to enjoy.

Polish tradition had women making all the food for Easter on Holy Saturday so the they could enjoy Easter day celebrating and not busy working.

Today with our fast pace schedules who has time to make pierogi?

The Pulaski Market makes homemade pierogi every day,
so all you have to do is stop by and pick some up.

Make things easier and call ahead 315-732-8007 so your order will be ready to go!

Mobile Barcode to call Pulaski Meat Market Utica NY


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