Christmas Utica NY 2013 Polish Santa Identified

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If you remember back on December 5th, 2011 the question was posed “Is Vinny Bulawa the Polish Santa?”

Reporters from have independently confirmed through unnamed sources that Mr. Bulawa disappears often during the Christmas Season every year without explanation.

Big boot and Reindeer prints have been sighted in the snow around the area of 1201 Lenox Ave in Utica NY, the home of The Pulaski Meat Market and

In the search for more clues to answer the question album art from an old LP Record was found at a garage sale.

The Album cover art is from the lost 33 1/3 release of “I’m Dreaming of a Kielbasa Christmas” by Vinny and The Grinders recorded at what appears to be the Bulawa Records label.

It is beleived that Vinny had a garage band during the summer of 1979 when the band 1st formulated the idea for a Christmas album to be recorded in Utica, NY. Unfortunately No Vinyl Album has been found, only the album cover art.

The album art is on display at the store, stop by take a look and let us know if you can supply us with any other clues. There is a reward for anyone who can produce an original LP record of “I’m dreaming of a Kielbasa Christmas”.
Picture of I'm Dreaming of a Kielbasa Christmas Album Art

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