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Sausage Utica

Sausage Patties Utica NY Medium hot sausage patties are a summer grilling staple in Utica NY. Many people like their sausage patty sandwich on a fresh bun topped with fried peppers and onions. Some add cheese and some even add BBQ sauce, WOW! It’s all good! For the best Italian Medium Hot Sausage in Utica […]

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Kielbasa Patties

Kielbasa patties are great for grilling! Kielbasa is the Polish word for sausage and means all kinds of sausages. The Pulaski Meat Market has kielbasa patties that are a fresh Polish Sausage. Always made with the fresest ingredients. Traditional fresh Kielbasa starts with fresh bonless pork butts and is seasoned with salt, pepper, additional seasonings, […]

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Graduation Party Trays in Utica NY

Looking For Something Special For Your Graduation Party? Try a Graduation Party Platter from the Pulaski Meat Market featuring traditional homemade Polish Food Trays, Deli Platters, and more! Everybody loves Polish Food! If you want to serve your guests something special then . . . Call Now To Order! (315) 732-8007

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Graduation Party Trays Utica

Graduation Party Trays in Utica NY Make Your Graduation Party Memorable! Graduation Party Trays from the Pulaski Meat Market are sure to make your party a hit with our homemade deli meats, imported Polish Cheeses, Kielbasa, Pierogi, Golabki and much much more! You can have your graduation Party trays made to order with all your […]

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Hot Dogs – Utica NY’s Best!

Hot Dogs are one of our favorite summertime foods in Utica NY. Every city has their favorite hot dog and in Utica our customers from around Central NY say we have the best hot dogs made anywhere! Get yours at the Pulaski Meat Market 1201 Lenox Ave, Utica NY (315) 732-8007. Some call them frankfurters, […]

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Memorial Day Utica NY

Memorial Day in Utica NY Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May, this year it’s May 30th and is a federal holiday that commemorates our soldiers that died while in military service. Memorial Day also marks the start of another summer vacation season filled with backyard barbecues, trips to the beach, fireworks, […]

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