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Polish Easter Pastries – Utica

Looking for Polish Easter Patries in Utica NY? Polish Easter Cake The Pulaski Meat Market in Utica NY has ready to serve pastries, cookies, and candies for your Easter celebration. Babka is a traditional Easter favorite and you can get Syrena’s Bakery’s famous Cheese Babka or Cheese Ring. Chruściki or Angle’s Wings are a Polish […]

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Easter Ham Utica

Easter Ham in Utica NY is center of the plate for many Easter Dinners, along with hardboiled egg wedges, cwikła, żurek, kielbasa, cold cuts,dill pickles, babka, and mazureks. Easter Hams from the Pulaski Meat Market in Utica NY are made on the premesis, they are lean and fully cooked with no water added. Boneless Hams […]

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs – Żurek Wielkanocny

Hard Boiled Eggs – Perfect for Your Żurek Every time! Avoid Hard Boiled Eggs with nasty green-gray ring around the yoke! We want your eggs to be picture perfect every time, especially when presenting a wedge to your guests for good luck, a Polish Easter tradition.  Oh, yes and when making Polish Easter Soup  – […]

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Easter Kiełbasa Utica

Easter Kiełbasa in Utica is traditionally Polish Fresh Kiełbasa – Kiełbasa Biała Surowa, also called White Kiełbasa – Biała Kiełbasa. This white Sausage is a classic Polish Sausage found on practically every Polish family’s table on Easter Day. It is served with a traditional Polish Easter Soup – Żurek Wielkanocny along with sliced hard cooked […]

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