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National Corn Dog Day Utica NY

National Corn Dog Day in Utica NY is March 19th 2011 It’s your day to enjoy delicious homemade hot dogs from the Pulaski Meat Market in Utica NY, and . . . college basketball’s favorite day. It’s a full day of college hoops broadcast live with the best in tournament action. Here is what you […]

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St. Joseph’s Day Utica NY

St. Joseph’s Day in Utica NY is a very special day. This Saturday March 19th marks St Joseph’s Day or Dzien Swietego Jozefa.   For all the Josephs the Church granted a special day of dispensation during Lent on this day so all the Josephs could celebrate their namesday.  It’s common to see church banquet halls […]

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Corned Beef Utica NY

Corned Beef in Utica NY is very popular, especially on Saint Patrick’s Day What exactly is Corned Beef? In the USA it is brine cured beef, usually a brisket. The Corned part comes from the Old English word corn that describes the large grains of salt used in the curing process. Corned Beef is the […]

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St. Patrick’s Day – Utica NY

St. Patrick’s Day – Utica NY Corned Beef and Cabbage also known as boiled dinner is an American food creation. Bacon and Cabbage is really the traditional Irish Dinner. Say What? That’s right! Back in the day in Ireland, meat was not always available to a lot of people, and if it was, pork was […]

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